Tuesday, 6 May 2014

"Compare and contrast how Nirvana and Radiohead have used digital technology"

Radiohead have used digital technology in order to promote their musical releases and generate income independently. They released 'In Rainbows' in 2007 on their website and made it available through a 'Pay What You Want' system. This was the first album they had offered this opportunity with, and despite being free of charge should the user wish, there were still 2.3 million illegal downloads from 'BitTorrent'. As well as these illegal downloads, the album was purchased 3 million times legitimately and later sold 100000 collector edition 'disk boxes' complete with albums and memorabilia. By making the music available free of charge, by choice, it generated interest in the album. Music streaming website Spotify said 'if a musician or band publish their music free of charge, they have a higher chance of generating income'. This is because listeners have the opportunity to listen to the music to ensure they like it first and they can 'preview' it before they commit to spending their money on it.

Similarly, Radiohead have used the internet to promote their upcoming album 'The King of Limbs'. They posted the music video to their single 'Lotus Flower' on their blog 'Dead Air Space'. This again gives listeners a chance to preview the music and it gives them a taste of what to expect with the rest of the album. It generates excitement and interest in the upcoming album, as well as providing material for social integration both in person and on social networking sites.

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